Hotunan Maryam Wazeery Cikin Hijabi

Maryam Musa Wazeery, Wacce Akafi Sani Da Laila Labarina, Ta Saki Sabbin Zafafan Hotunanta Cikin Shiga Na Hijabi. Hotunan Nata Sunyi Kyau Sosai, Musanma Ma Ga Masoyanta.

Kalli Hotunan Anan


  1. Pliz ur actually fine and gud but now very unfutenate via to a Muslim religion u proud but yet time to marry for you becarefull de is limitation.

  2. This fits her well, alass, I fear this is just for show not for religion. If she dress like this anywhere, any time and any day, the fear of Allah will come down to her, if she abandon for Satan dress of nowadays, this is where the problem will be back, God forbid.

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