Ana Mana Kallon Karuwai Amma ‘Yan Fim Din Kasashen Waje Ana Musu Kallon Jarumai – Rahama Sadau

Rahama Sadau

Jaruma Rahama Sadau Ta Fito Tayi Bayani Sosai Ga Mutane Masu Ma Jaruman Kannywood Musanman Mata Ganin Su Karuwai Ne, Inda Ake Alakanta Jaruman Kudu Dana Kasashen Waje A Matsayin Su Ne Jarumai Na Haske.

Tayi Bayanin Ne Bayan Ta Wallafa Wani Hoto A Shafin Instagram Bayan Ya Daura Wani Hoto. Tayi Bayanin Ne Cikin Yaren Ingilishi Ga Bayanin Nata Kamar Haka. Tana Cewa Yakamata Mutane Su Dinga Musu Adalci.

She is a LOCAL FILMSTAR, therefore, stay away from her. 😔🥺The perception of our society is “Local Filmstars” (especially women) are considered “PROSTITUTES” and regard “Foreign stars” as role models…😢 A WOMAN in the said society I am isn’t allowed to be independent without being questioned. SHE isn’t allow to dream beyond her space. I AM RAHAMA SADAU & I AM PROUD OF WHO I AM … ✊🏻🙏🏻♥️#EnoughIsEnough ———————————————————————————Unmarried: She is irresponsible ⁣Single and drives a posh car: She is chasing away all potential suitors..or must be ‘funded’ unholy-ly….not wife-material⁣⁣Married: She is her husband’s property and should no longer have anything that vaguely resembles ‘fun’. She shouldn’t be wearing cloths she used to wear when single.⁣⁣Divorced: She can’t keep a man ….the man could no longer endure her⁣⁣Separated: She is out of control. No sane man can tolerate her excesses . ⁣⁣Widowed: She must have killed her husband….. to take over his properties.⁣Tries to get on with life after widowhood: She didn’t mourn her late hubby for long enough. How suspicious…. How inappropriate….How unacceptable! ⁣ Childless Marriage: She is barren; she must have destroyed her womb through abortions. ⁣⁣Rich & independent: She is an ashawo.⁣Child misbehaves: It is all the mother’s fault because she spoilt him/her.⁣Plays sports: She shouldn’t; she’s a girl.⁣Speaks her mind: She is bossy; not a good trait for a woman. ⁣⁣Spouse cheats: It’s her fault. She pushed him to it. ⁣⁣Victim of domestic abuse: She must have provoked him. Find out what she did.⁣Victim of rape: What time was it? Where was she? What was she wearing?.⁣We are blamed for everything 💪🏽 ⁣⁣PS: ladies feel free to copy, edit and post with a picture of you. Let’s together make our voices audible 💪I copied from the wall of my sister.⁣.⁣#Iamawomanandproudlywearmycrown⁣#isaynotogenderdiscrimination⁣#Isaynotorape⁣#Isaynotodomesticviolence⁣#thegirlchildmustbeprotected⁣#Imustbreathe⁣#getoffmyneck⁣#JusticeForTina ⁣#JusticeForUwa #JusticeForJennifer 🙏🏽


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