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5 Things To Know About Comedian, Oga Sabinus

5 things to know about comedian, Oga Sabinus, Anytime you come across any photos of Oga Sabinus, what comes to your mind are his popular lines, “Foto”, “Mumu man”, “How is the family”, and others.

Oga Sabinus is arguably one of the best in the Nigerian comedy industry even in Africa. His facial expression alone can make people laugh out loud and this has earned him fame and a lot of followers on social media platforms.


A lot of Nigerians know him for always running into trouble after asking “How is the family”. However, The Daily Page highlights a few things to know about Oga Sabinus.


1.  Oga Sabinus whose real name is Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu was born on 30th January 1995.

2. He hails from Port Harcourt city in Rivers state.

3. The comedian went to the University of Port Harcourt to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Communication.

4. Apart from being a comedian, he is also an actor and he has starred in a good number of movies.

5. He is yet to be married. You can connect with him on Instagram @Mr Funny1_


Photos of the comedian below:

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